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The Process

We have built a loyal clientele of successful professionals, small business owners, growing families and retirees by developing strong personal relationships with each client. Based on those relationships, our clientele base continues to grow by referrals from clients.

We have all heard the saying "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." Most people focus only on the destination; reaching retirement and accumulating enough money. I want you, and your family, to think about the return on your life, your journey. I believe my client's lives should be about what is important to them: relationships, usefulness, meaningful engagements, community contributions, not only money or wealth. It is my goal to help you, and your family, to enjoy the journey while we work together toward reaching your desired destination.

We believe in shaping your financial future with personalized financial planning. It is through comprehensive communication, we strive to reach each client's goals, needs and risk tolerance, and then tailor our efforts to help meet those unique circumstances. We are passionate about retirement planning and helping people toward reaching their retirement goals, financially and personally. My team and I offer quality investment and insurance products and services from our offices in Irvine, California and Boulder, Colorado.

When you retain Aegis Financial Partners, you benefit from financial planning and personal service. We take the time to fully understand your needs and what is important to you. We pride ourselves on providing each client with the information advice and alternatives they need to make the appropriate decisions about their financial life future.

Step 1
The first step is to gather the necessary data to ensure a thorough understanding of your situation. We ask a series of questions during our 360º review/audit of your current situation to help understand the "real you". This becomes the basis for the creation of a financial model, which is used to evaluate your current financial situation. It will show your current balance sheet, your liabilities (debt), your net worth, the direction and rate of its change, your cash flow, income and estate tax liability and other items. Also, we'll review your wills, trusts, life and disability income insurance, and any other legal arrangements you've created.

Step 2
Step two is to develop your personal financial objectives. Frequently, our clients say "it's to make sure that I have a source of income that I cannot outlive, and secondarily, to leave a legacy for my family, and, perhaps the community". But often it's more complex, and involves thinking about things that you have never considered, prompted by questions that perhaps you have never been asked before by any existing advisor(s).

Step 3
Step three consists of identifying problems that are present in your current financial planning. This is basically a process of reconciling the likely outcome based upon your current arrangements, with your desired outcome as described in your objectives. It is in this third step that the full benefit of the financial planning process becomes apparent. Issues that you never thought of, problems that you never realized existed will be identified - simply because your financial picture was never so completely developed, and your objectives never so clearly and completely stated.

Step 4
Step four entails the development of recommendations - specific strategies for implementation. Equipped with pro's and con's of each, and an economic model to determine their impact, you'll be able to make an informed decision to determine which is appropriate for you. Many strategies you will elect to implement, some now, some in the future, others you will reject. But the decision will be yours. The agreed upon strategies will be reduced to writing in a comprehensive report.

Step 5
The fifth step is implementation. This is the journey/path you have decided to take. Recommendations you have agreed upon, the problem it solves, the benefits received, the steps necessary to implement, responsibility for each step, target date to complete and completion date. We work with you and your other advisors, CPA and attorney as a Team.

Again, there are strategies that had you not first determined your basis (your objectives), and a method of evaluation (the financial model), then you would not have been equipped to pursue them.

Step 6
Step six is the ongoing review process. At least annually, we formally meet with all financial life planning clients to review the progress of your plan. We want to know any changes in your personal situation and educate you regarding changes in the tax law that may impact you as well as review any impact the economy may have had on your investment portfolio.