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Estate & Wealth Protection

True estate planning isn’t just about money.  At Aegis Financial Partners, we believe the ultimate goals of estate planning should be about developing a heritage of excellence for generations to come.  After all, estate planning requires you to make decisions that have long-term consequences to family members.  We want our clients to have confidence that their values, wishes, and goals, as well as their assets, are passed to the people they hold dear.

  • What does your estate plan say to your family?
  • Does your estate plan pass on wisdom and lessons you would, if you were still here?
  • How do you transfer your visions, values, ideals and morals, work ethic and guidance?

What have you really given your children if you have not taught them the intangible value of hopes and dreams, hard work and what we do with our wealth?

Simple Questions:

  • If you die today, do you still have lessons left to teach your loved ones?
  • If you could see what you left behind, what would cause you the greatest disappointment? The greatest pride? The greatest sense of accomplishment?
  • What unintended messages may be sent to your loved ones in your current estate plan? By the lack of estate planning?

We will partner with your estate attorney to secure your own life, the well-being of your family and loves ones, the business you have built, and the causes you value most.


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